Accessible Moodle courses

Brickfield Accessibility Toolkit implementation  allows you to improve the accessibility of online education. A limited version of the tool is available free of charge in Moodle: Accessibility Starter Toolkit, which allows you to get a Report on errors against WCAG accessibility standards, found in your Moodle courses.
But only the full version Brickfield Accessibility Toolkit Enterprise allows you to automate the content analysis of all courses in Moodle and resolve critical issues, through a combination of manual and bulk corrections.

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SensusAccess integration

SensusAccess LTI plugin integration offers faculty and students the option to convert resources, such as HTML pages, the book or lecture, quizzes and attached files, into an alternative accessible format.

Training on accessibility

Accessibility Toolkit subscription includes training and support services for technical staff and faculty to develop initial accessibility knowledge.

Demo and Price

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