Learning materials converted
to accessible format

SensusAccess is a self-service solution, specifically designed for academic institutions, to automatically and instantly convert learning materials into an alternative multimedia and accessible format, it complements traditional services for students with disabilities and special needs. SensusAccess allows students, faculty, Library staff, and alumni to have inaccessible or difficult-to-read documents, such as image-only PDF files, scanned documents, text images captured with a smartphone, LaTeX documents, and Microsoft PowerPoint presentations, converted into an alternative format more suitable for their needs, such as MP3 audiobooks, ebooks and digital braille files.
A wide range of document types can be sent to SensusAccess: text files, Microsoft Word documents, also without mathematical equations, PowerPoint presentations with and without notes, HTML documents, RTF files, LaTeX documents, most image formats, ebooks in EPUB and Mobi Pocket formats, and all types of PDF documents.

Demo request

YouTube video

Watch the short demo on our YouTube channel.

Elearning LTI plug-in

For all major elearning platforms, such as Moodle, Canvas, Blackboard, the plugin provide s accessibility services in online learning programs, online courses and MOOCs.

Machine translation

SensusAccess provides automatic translations, with a high degree of accuracy. It supports major European and international languages.

Institutional license

All users, with institutional email, have access to the service. No certification is required, for a choice of inclusiveness and respect for privacy.